Underwater Drone

Experienced, skilled, and trained personnel provide the following services in Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal:

Picture courtesy of Blueyerobotic.com. For further Blueyerobotics video imagery and information visit https://www.blueyerobotics.com/pages/industries

John Mathews of SCUA Algeciras was trained at the Blueye premises in Norway. After visiting the Blueye team up in Trondheim, it was clear the Blueye Pro would be a great addition to Scualisbon.

Now we are offering the Underwater Drone Service to all our clients. Utilizing our Blueye Pro allows us the flexibility to create our own H.D. video diving below the waterline to support our surveys down here in Southern Europe. We chose to become a Blueye Partner because we see this drone as a quality, robust, and simple to use tool for now, and in the future.

Following meeting the team in Trondheim this gave us confidence the professional support is on standby for us, and our clients.

The Blueye Pro under water drone is Ideal for:

  • Pre-charter inspection.

  • Pre-purchase survey.

  • Propeller, thruster and rudder survey.

  • Search and rescue services.

  • General fouling, condition surveying.