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The involvement of Scandinavian Underwriters Agency, as average agents and surveyors, is dating back 100 years and the various SCUA offices can offer highly professional and in-depth knowledge within their wide working fields.

The SCUA offices have represented the Nordic Marine Insurance Market, as well as other Marine Insurers outside the Nordic countries.

Most of the SCUA offices handle Hull & Machinery claims, Loss of Hire, Protection and Indemnity (PandI) and Freight Demurrage and Defence (F.D.& D.) matters.

Experienced skilled, technical and nautical surveyors can provide the required services within their working fields or anywhere around the world on short notice.

The SCUA Lisbon Office in Portugal, was established in 1974.

The SCUA Algeciras office was established in 2019 to provide much needed coverage for the ports of the south of Spain. SCUA Lisbon and Algeciras are the only under water hull inspection with pro drone service provider which in itself is unique, economical and specialized service, tailored as routine preventive inspection eliminating the need for divers.

Our aim is also to contribute to increased safety at sea and on board vessels, focusing on human lives, health, assets and the environment.

SCUA Lisbon

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